Truss Design

Roof trusses - Island Truss Ltd.

The goal of truss design is to create a roof system that is structurally sound, and still achieves the look you want. Our design team at Island Truss will review your blueprints and create a system of roof trusses that meets both of these goals. In Canada, designs are based on structural requirements from the Building Code. At Island Truss, we go beyond the code to ensure you get a quality product, AND  the look you want!

Sometimes modifications to the look of a design are required in order to maintain sound structure & good economics. Our truss design uses computer software that calculates all the members & connections. Then the computer produces drawings for the engineer’s approval as well as drawings for the manufacturing of the trusses in our plant. Our computer systems also enable us to show you three dimensionally what your roof system will look like. This is especially useful when changes are required. Since our truss designers also have framing experience, they know how to create trusses that require a minimum of onsite framing to finish, and are available to answer installation questions too.

Local building departments require a truss layout for your permit. Island Truss will provide this aerial schematic of the roof truss system. We also supply engineered sealed drawings for each different truss within the roof system for your final building inspection.

Add the expertise of our truss design team to your building project. Call Island Truss for an appointment to review your floor plan.