Roof trusses - Island Truss Ltd.

Roof trusses come in as many configurations as there are roof styles from simple spans and room-in-attic designs to cathedral and dual roof designs. Island Truss designs and manufactures roof trusses at our manufacturing plant in Courtenay, using lumber that is stored in a climate controlled area to minimize moisture exposure and shrinkage. Each component of every truss is precisely measured and carefully cut and assembled according to the designer’s exact specifications. Whether your project requires a common truss design or a custom truss design, Island Truss can supply them.

The trusses are joined with zinc-coated gang nails that will resist corrosion over time. These nail-on plates are hydraulically pressed into the wood on both sides of each join ensuring structural integrity of each truss for years to come. Once assembled, the trusses are visually inspected to ensure quality.

Floor Trusses

Island Truss also manufacturers floor trusses, which can be designed to be either top or bottom chord bearing and are now built on edge (1.5″ wide). Although many builders use I-Joists, the use of floor trusses is still sometimes preferred by traditional builders. Choosing to use floor trusses can allow for increased spans between bearing walls and facilitate options such as rooms over garages where erecting support beams would limit the functionality of the space.

Our roof truss manufacturing plant is located on Hwy 19A, just north of Courtenay, and we transport trusses to building sites on Mid and North Vancouver Island, as well as  surrounding Gulf Islands. Contact us to schedule a consultation appointment.