LVL Beams

Island Truss provides LVL beams to builders on Vancouver Island

LVL beams (Laminated Veneer Lumber) are a composite building material constructed from thin layers of wood, glued together with a strong adhesive. The direction of the wood grain is alternated layer by layer, allowing LVL beams to offer greater uniform strength and thereby reducing the number of required support posts and accommodating wider rooms and more spacious open floor plans. LVL beams deliver high quality results with low maintenance convenience and can be used for interior applications wherever traditional beams are conventionally used.

Island Truss carries 2.0E LVL beams in 60’ lengths which can be cut to specified lengths and delivered directly to your building site. All of our LVL products are stored indoors to provide optimum quality.

Sizes available are:
1 ¾” X 9 ½”
1 ¾” X 11 7/8″
1 ¾” X 14″
1 ¾” X 16″
1 ¾” X 18 ¾”
1 ¾” X 20″ (Customer Order)
1 ¾” X 24″ (Customer Order)

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Island Truss can deliver LVL beams to building sites on Vancouver Island and the surrounding Gulf Islands. Contact us for more information.