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"They say one of the most important things in life is a good roof over your head, which is why I have relied on Island Truss to supply my roof trusses and engineered flooring products for the past 20 years. Their design staff, and quality of product is second to none in this industry, which I have been involved in for thirty five years."

Ken Williams, President of K.T. Williams Holdings Ltd.


Roof trusses - Island Truss Ltd.

Roof trusses come in as many configurations as there are roof styles from simple spans and room-in-attic designs to cathedral and dual roof designs. Island Truss designs and manufactures roof trusses at our manufacturing plant in Courtenay, using lumber that …

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LVL Beams

Island Truss provides LVL beams to builders on Vancouver Island

LVL beams (Laminated Veneer Lumber) are a composite building material constructed from thin layers of wood, glued together with a strong adhesive. The direction of the wood grain is alternated layer by layer, allowing LVL beams to offer greater uniform …

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I Joists

Island Truss supplies I-Joists to builders on Vancouver Island.

I-Joists provide an option for builders that can save time and money. These prefabricated products are specially designed to provide a strong flat surface for flooring. Many builders prefer them to traditional floor trusses because they are engineered for strength and …

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