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Braden West General Contractors has been dealing with Island Truss for well over twenty years, including our most recent project, Brookside Estates. They deliver a quality product on time and at a competitive price.Their follow up service and knowledge of each job is very helpful with some of the more complex roof lines we see more & more of today. I find the design staff especially helpful with suggestions and guidance to keep our projects within budget and still achieve the look we're after.


Mike Collins - Braden West


Island Truss has been a trusted roof truss manufacturer on Vancouver Island for over 30 years. Based in Courtenay, our high quality products have been used to build homes and commercial structures in many Vancouver Island communities. In that time, Island Truss has also built a solid reputation as a family business, known for providing high quality trusses, hiring knowledgeable staff, and giving excellent customer service.

Trusses are the structures that provide support for a building’s roof and walls, adding strength over spans and giving your building structural integrity. They’re designed to bear the weight of your roof, strengthen your wall structure, and safely distribute the weight load over the building foundation. The design of your trusses, the materials they’re made from, and their placement are important. All of our Island Truss design work is reviewed by on-staff engineers, who provide structural assessment, load checking, and are available to answer questions about your particular building plan. We design and build custom trusses, and have truss design software that provides a 3D view of your floor and roof trusses to help you understand their design and placement.

Our Process:

The building process for our floor and roof trusses starts with high-quality fully inspected spruce and fir lumber that is stored in a climate controlled area to minimize moisture exposure and shrinkage. Each component of every truss is precisely measured and carefully assembled on the jig table according to the designer’s exact specifications. Although you may find cheaper trusses at other suppliers, you won’t find better. Island Truss uses only 2×4 lumber for truss webbing which is above the minimum standard. Although this results in a slightly higher priced product, builders find that using trusses built using 2×3 webbing require more bracing which in turn increases on site labour costs.

As the trusses are assembled, they’re joined with zinc-coated gang nails; steel connector plates that vary in size with 8 nail teeth per square inch. The nail-on plates are hydraulically pressed into the wood on both sides of each join with a large roller, ensuring structural integrity and consistency that will resist corrosion over time. Once assembled, the trusses are visually inspected to ensure quality, and stacked vertically for transport.

Contact us at our Courtenay office to schedule a consultation appointment. Our roof truss manufacturing plant is located on Hwy 19A, just north of Courtenay. We transport trusses to building sites on Mid and North Vancouver Island and the surrounding Gulf Islands.